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Learn how your comment data is processed. If you know your Moon and Rising sign too read the cards that affects those signs as well. In brackets I have noted what signs or planets each Tarot Major is associated with to help further information for you to meditate upon.

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Gemini 12 The Hanged Man- has no planetary influences. Rate this:.

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Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. We know that selfish manipulation of others may work for a while, but never succeeds in the end. It just makes matters worse. So, any imminent world crisis will not be resolved by narrow economic solutions, propped up by laws and assumptions, based on greed and hatred of anyone in the way.

Pluto and its Nodes, their planetary rulers, and aspects to these from other planets, correlate to the root structure within any birth chart. Without an awareness of the basic fingerprint of the cosmos, one will never have a true understanding of an interface between the pyscho-spiritual and the bio-material realms. With the awareness of this numerical cosmic fingerprint, one is inevitably lead to the realization that both the spiritual and material domains are indeed one and the same, operating at different vibrational orders, always seeking to achieve harmonic resonance. As seekers of astrological wisdom we are often confronted by the bigger questions of why does astrology work.

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We know it works, we see it working in our lives and in our clients lives, in the world around us and in so many varied and profoundly interesting ways, yet it is hard to define exactly how or why it works, as not one single explanation will ever suffice. Something that has helped enlighten my journey of astrological understanding, of why the patterns and cycles of the planets continue to coincide with our lives, is the understanding of astrology as a dynamic fractal like system, set off at birth with its own unique formula and conditions, that then continues to unfurl and unfold as a never ending fractal like pattern of growth.

Whether you are new to the Starry Study or have been practicing for years or lifetimes, this journey is certain to be a blast.

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In this first chapter, following a brief introduction of the mission, Cosmic Intelligence Agent breaks out the Compass and Square to address our first unanswerable question, "Just What in the Heavens is the Sun? Those who follow my writing know that I am deep into the art of healing.

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My love for astrology is beyond words, however, working towards healing people, there is a missing link in astrology or any other consciousness work, and that is the workings of the body and its energy. Talking about healing is nothing compared to finding a cure that works.

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The energy of Chiron, the healer-redeemer, is in the air. I find this a most fascinating subject when thinking of humanity and our ongoing struggle to find peace, harmony and health.

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Life is such a paradox of tears and ecstasy, and embodying this conflict is the story of the Centaur. Chiron was the product of a rape and abandoned by his parents he had to set out alone to find his true power, until one day he got struck by an arrow dipped in poison that kept him in excruciating pain until his release into death.


Scott gave an amazing gift to Seekers in with the release of "Secrets in Plain Sight," an expansive film that explores the Mysteries through revealing hidden keys in the art, architecture, and alignments of ancient and modern sacred sites around the globe. In this great gift that has opened by more than 9 million viewers to date, Scott surely unwraps the truth that the secrets are indeed hidden in plain sight. Join us to explore and discover more about Venus, her cycle, her cosmic rhythm and divine dance as she makes her next retrograde and star point in Aries. For this webinar we have gathered 3 dedicated Venus Star followers and practitioners, who will share their findings with you. The most common question we astrologers get from sceptics is: What is the physical mechanism by which celestial bodies influence our life? Unauthorized use of Full Article copy or duplication of any material on this website without express and written permission from its author and owner is strictly prohibited.