Uk number 15 on my birthday

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My Birthday Hits

But what about the number 1 when you were 13? Or 20? You know, the years when music actually meant something to you?

My Birthday Hits is a list of the UK number 1 songs for each year since the charts began. The idea is simple.

Joni A Birthday Celebration review – heartfelt tribute to revered singer | Film | The Guardian

Enter your birthday and we'll create a list of every UK number 1 songs on your birthday each year. The actual soundtrack to your life, right? Why not check out all the UK number one songs throughout your teens - 1 on your 14th birthday for example? Or the number one on your 21st birthday?

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Or how about the 1 when you turned 40? Watch the videos, create a Spotify playlist, or buy the tracks you like best on Amazon or iTunes.