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This will get a boost from a Tiger Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is especially favourable for talks and communication across the board. However, the real treat comes …. Venus returned halfway through last week so this is something you have had a chance to get a feel for. Often moving through in just 15 days, this is often a matter of quickly getting your head in the game and making choices, decisions and plans on the run. That is not the case as this smart and intellectually savvy planet spends his first full week in your work sector.

Not only is the Sun still several weeks away, Mercury himself is slowing down.

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Fortunately the Moon was in your work sector when Mercury returned last week. With an intuitive read of work and job matters it is clear there was no rush …. Especially when it is not the mixed blessing that it can sometimes be. You like depth, and hate superficiality.

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Moderation is not your strong suit, for you love extremes. Like the scorpion, you make a dangerous enemy and are not afraid to sting. Sexy and magnetic, you make a fascinating partner. You are intense and know how to live life to the full. However, sometimes you are over-indulgent. Libra Libras have a need to relate and develop partnerships.

You prefer peace at any price, and hate to rock the boat. Being a big risk-taker is not your strong suit, for you love harmony. Like the scales, you can weigh both sides of a situation and create balance.

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Cheerful and optimistic, you make supportive partners. You are good at diplomacy and know how to be fair.

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However, sometimes you make unnecessary compromises. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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